Don't be afraid

The team

You got the scoop on how the band got started, but what about everything else?

Adam R. (a-dumb ray-buck)

lead guitar, vocals

Started in the rock and roll business in 1989, when he bought a bass so he could join his friends heavy metal band called McNight Rider.

Superpower: Throwing vodka tonics at Policemen

Daniel P.

bass, vocals

A thespian extraordinaire who can be found in the prom scene of The Next Karate Kid (the one with the girl). Started playing guitar in 9th grade. Favorite color: blue

Superpower: can bust a rhyme any time.

Jeanie L.

guitar, vocals

Gemini. Teen Idols include: The Teen Idols, DiCaprio, Slater, Depp, Hawke, Mike D, Will Smith, Dr. Frank, M.J. Fox, Alf, Ricky Schroeder (@ age15), the nacho-nacho man, Luke Perry, Fred from Scooby Doo, Menudo, Darren Daulton, CherylAnn (the Rentals) the bartender from St. Mark's Ale House and her boy Joe. Former bass player of the rock band Severna Park

Superpower: As of yet undetermined. Must be united with super twin in order for her power to become apparent.

Mike Y.


Started playing drums in the womb. Has a DEVO tattoo. Watched Jon Bon Jovi snort coke and french kiss his sister in his house. Won't quit till hes in every punk band in the tri-state area.

Superpower: Can listen to Jasmin live records just by looking at the grooves.

Mark E.


Little is known about Enoch, what we do know is that around 5 years ago the entity known as Enoch came down from Rygil7 and planted himself in the body of an average Long Island teenager named Mark. Enoch is feeding off Marks energies until he dies of exposure to the poison gas Enoch emits in Marks brain.

The begin

The summer before I started my second year at NYU, I learned about 50 cover songs on my Fender Squire guitar. Some of the songs were alterna-hits circa 1993 by bands like the Lemonheads and Too Much Joy. There were some other songs that were not as cool, but I thought they would make good covers, like Pictures of Matchstick Men and Hetero-Sexual Man. My idea was to start this kick ass cover band and play a whole lot of NYU parties and meet a lot of girls and have a lot of fun and be popular.

That fall, I hooked up with a guy named Chris Moses (who sort of looked like Damone from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. We threw together a 12 song set, which was mostly us rearranging the same three chords twelve different ways. We had a lot of spunk, and always tried our hardest to entertain. This usually involved things going up our nose or food being thrown at the audience. Chris's friend from Rhode Island, Tim McCarthy, played drums with us. We rocked out (to the best of our rocking our ability at that particular time) at NYU sponsored shows and local clubs that would book every crappy Pearl Jam rip-off and Long Island hardcore band and put 'em right along side Dirt Bike Annie (a Green Day rip off band). Thanks to all of the NYU students who would go to these crappy shows and support us, we stayed together a lot longer than we should have.

In the Spring of 1995, there was yelling and screaming and a drummer's fist through some broken glass and the end of Dirt Bike Annie. There were a few futile attempts to keep the torch lit, but neither the Moses party, nor the Rabuck seemed motivated.

About six months later, I found myself at a dorm party thrown by a chaturbate girl named Kat (of MTV's The Real World fame), and that's where I ran into a friend of mine named Dan Paquin. Dan was currently in a band called The Sellabits (who later went on to become The Chefs of the Future). I had seen The Sellabits play at a NYU coffee house and I remember liking them a lot, mainly because Dan knocked over the entire drum kit by the end of their 15 minute set.

Ever since I had met Dan (Fall 1994), he had always liked to "jam." Personally, I hate "jamming" It feels like a waste of time to me. Regardless, at this party, he convinces me to go back downstairs to my room to "jam." I had taken a few hits of acid at the party, so I was pretty much down for whatever. Dan played the drums and my roommate, Mike, played bass. We started off with Sinead O'Connor quiet but eventually blow-out-my-speakers ear popping riffs accompanied with some inner cave man primal screaming. At the time, it sounded pretty cool. Dan must have enjoyed the experience because quicker than you can say, That ain't no lie," Dirt Bike Annie was playing its first show in forever with Dan on the bass and my other roommate, Dennis, on the drums. Shortly thereafter, we cranked out our first 7" EP on my eight track reel-to-reel. It all happened in one room, my friends, one room.

Maybe a year went by, maybe it was six months, but either way, we had dented the New York Pop Punk scene and had hooked up with Egghead, Furious George and The Sea Monkeys. Dennis left the band to study astrophysics out on Long Island. In the down time, I tooled around with some old recordings I had done with Dennis at Jeanie Lee's apartment, located at 88 Christopher Street. Jeanie is a friend of mine from high school who attended NYU with me. At the time, her band, Severna Park, had moved off to Seattle after our senior year of college, so she was constantly bugging me to join up with Dirt Bike Annie, and like a dumb ass, I was always like,"No, no, no". Little did I know, that Jeanie would be the best thing to ever happen to DBA. Finally, one summer afternoon in 1997, I was like, "Look, you can sing back-up vocals on these recordings" and when Dan and I heard how cool it sounded, we looked at each other, and, well, let's just say, Jeanie has been in the band ever since.

Thanks to a desperate flyer we put up in Chime's Video Store, we hooked up with an excellent drummer named Heth Weinstein, whom I absent mindedly renamed "Dirt Bike Deano." Mental note: don't change people's names with out consulting them first. At this point, the Dirt Bike Annie lineup was stable, and remained this way for quite a while. We recorded another EP (this time for Mutant Pop) and even went on a week long Tour. In the year to come, we recorded a third EP (Break Up Records) and then our first full-length compact disc (Mutant Pop). In the summer of 1999, we had a kick ass two-week tour and got to play with lots of awesome bands and made lots of great friends. Unfortunately, later that summer, Dirt Bike Annie said "Good-bye" to Heth because they were not connecting with him on a personal level

During the last show of the summer 1999 Tour, in Burlington, New Jersey, a familiar pop punker came out to the show. His name was Mike Yannich. Mike's a nineteen-year-old with his own record label and a lot of spunk. Loyal till the last drop, Mike would always be in the front when DBA played. I noticed that he would sing along to every word (even the back up vocals), and every beat as was evident in his perfectly in synch hand pumping. Before the Burlington show, I was buying beer for Mike's friend (because he forgot his ID) and he told me that Mike was actually a really good drummer and would be really into playing for Dirt Bike Annie. Stuck with a transition drummer that was a little too funky, DBA opted for the young upstart, and the line up's more solid than a shit on acid.

After one week of rehearsals, we played our first show with Darlington, The Huntingtons, and The Heartdrops, and it was, to be frank, our best show ever. Mike is the culmination of everything we needed in order to be and remain in the pocket: he doesn't pussyfoot around when he comes to hittin' the skins, he knows and loves the underground pop punk scene, and he's got enough vim and vinegar to tour and play sets repeatedly, just keep the Pepsi coming.

Dirt Bike Annie looks forward to a tour at the end of this summer, a new full length CD, two EP's, a couple comps, a few split 7 inches and a new used set of wheels from my parents. In between gigs and releases, DBA throws intimate get-togethers at mission control: the Souse House in Jersey City, New Jersey. There's been three parties thrown so far featuring such pop punk favorites as The Shy Guys, Bitch and the Moans, Attention Deficit, The Grand Prixx, Wormbath, Grady, The Break Ups, The Lee Majors, The Lynnwoods, International Waters, The Ergs, The Proteens, and The Bravo Project. Look to early May, for Mr. Paquin's Wink-wink nudge-nudge surprise party.

To conclude, Dirt Bike Annie has taken on many incarnations, seen many different places, met many different people and fired many drummers. Regardless of where our future takes us our present tense is getting better by the minute thanks to die-hard fans and loyal friends. What we've accomplished so far is just the prologue to big ass book, and it only gets us psyched up to see more places, meet more people and make more rock. Keep coming to shows and we'll keep hitting 'em.

Our work

It Aint Easy Bein' Stupid

1. My Girl Left Me For A Chick

2. Copperhead Penny

3. Loco Burrito Mexican Girl

4. Thanks For The Donuts

Sitcoms and Summer Camps!

1. Are You Ready For The Summer?

2. The Ballad Of Johnny Heartbreak

3. Next Time...

4. Marcia, She's Trying To Kill Me

Choco-Berri Sugar Pops!

1. Letters And Numbers

2. Bobby Sue

3. What's Happening, Hot Stuff?

4. Down The Drain

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Plays the Hits of the 60's, 70's, 80's and the 90's

1. Warrior (by Scandal)

2. Debaser (by the Pixies)

3. I Won't Fall In Love Today (by Suicidal Tendencies)

4. Knock On Wood (by Eddie Floyd)

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Hit The Rock

1. Are You Ready To Dance?

2. Capable Of Anything

3. 50th And Bay

4. All Systems Go

5. Pow! Check It Out

6. Grape Crush

7. Rat Fink

8. Chapped And Cracked

9. 88 Christopher Street

10. Come On! Come On!

11. Flypaper Porch Lights

12. Thirteen Days

13. Smoke And Then Some

14. Powerglide

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Live Jersey City 2000

1. Diggin Holes in My Backyard

2. Brontosaurus

3. My Girl Left Me For A Chick

4. TV Addict Sex Maniac

5. Lazy Lucy

6. Ballad of Johnny Heartbreak

7. Letters and Numbers

8. Next Time

9. Powerglide

10. Grape Crush

11. Children Shouldnt Play with Dead Things

12. Happy Happy Birthday

13. Thanks for the Donuts

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Day Dreaming with an Empty Station Wagon

1. I Go Mental


The Not So Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture

1. Rock N' Roll Party Queen

Break Up! Records'

Guide To Entertaining

1. Next Time...

2. What's Happening, Hot Stuff?

Transylvania Style Punk Rock


4/9/01 - Kutztown, PA was a lot of fun on Thursday. Thanks to Elfquest for the use of their drumkit and for putting up members of the Ergs and DBA for the night. Thanks to Lew for setting up the show and Josh Rutledge for coming on down. It was a cool place though we couldn't crank it too loud because there's an antique shop right above the venue and he doesn't want his china to break. Adam and Mike went with the Ergs who played a show Friday in Warren. So, Jeanie and I drove the car back to JC. Saturday we headed out to Pittsburgh for a birthday show for our friend Becca. The jasminelive show started at 2. We got there around 6. The place had to close at 9. By 8:30pm there were 3 bands that still had to play including the Proms and Dirt Bike Annie. Fortunately, we'd played the area before and we knew we could move it either to Becca's

or to our friend Ryan Droppa's house. We decided to move it to Ryan's since we'd played there many times before. We caravanned with about 20 cars following Ryan to his place. About 40 minutes later everyone

arrived safe and sound. Dirt Bike Annie set up and went first, since Mike needed to go back to NJ that night with the Ergs. I'm glad the show got moved to Ryan's! His basement was packed with about 50 people and the PA sounded much better in the smaller space. Everyone rocked out and sang along. Then the Proms played. They sounded totally rocking. They're new album just came out on Imperfekt records. Check out their site at The record is great. Then NY locals the Tattle Tales finished the set they'd started at the Legion hall. Finally, The Teen Sensation Glasses did an encore performance with me on insisting on playing drums for Sweet Pea and My Girl Left Me for a Chick. The show even ended early for a

show, around 1 am. Everyone hung out, the Proms, Ruth's Hat, The ShyGuys, The Tattle Tales... it felt like a family reunion. Around 4:30 in the morning, I get the urge to get a pack of smokes. So, Cha

Derkins volunteers to drive me and Ryan to the gas station about a mile away. As we get into the car, Chad says "I don't know what's wrong with this gas gauge. One minute it says full, and the next it's on empty!" Well, I guess the gauge was broken because the car fully ran out of gas less then a quarter mile from the gas station. Ryan and I jumped out to push. Some guys in a white pickup stopped and helped us push it too. Chad bought me a pack of cigarettes for helping him out. Thanks Chad!

It was a great time in Pittsburgh. It was amazing seeing everyone pull together just to make the rock happen. Special thanks to Ryan and Mr. Droppa for being saints and letting the rock happen at the last minute at their house!

4/4/01 - Holy cow we had an AMAZING SHOW last night at Brownies! DBA sent out the call and so many wonderful people showed up, even people who had seen us do the same set at the Charleston in Williamsburg on Friday, March 30. Anyhow, we did very well. The guy at the door said "management is very happy" and that's all we wanted (aside from just having a kick ass show). This should mean more good shows at Brownies which I'm psyched for! The other bands were great. The Sweet Sweet Bulbs were killer and brought out MOST of the crowd. According to the door guy, 74 people. Not bad for their 3rd gig as a band! The Tarts were really cool too and had the indie-cool thing down pat. I liked that right handed Gibson melody-maker being played lefty. DBA had a great show. What else can I say? The sound was great, the crowd was pumped, it was a TUESDAY night...? Not bad for a first show at a pretty big club. We even had a delayed reaction

encore which was cool. What was even cooler was that Jeanie insisted on doing "Loco Burrito" for said encore! The Stryder kicked ass after us. What's weird is that one of their members had a band in hig

school that used to cover "Thanks for the Donuts." Scotty is a kick ass drummer. There was a guy making a documentary about african-americans in punk bands. Scotty was being interviewed. At seperate points in the evening Jeanie and I both got to put in our two cents on the topic of minorities in rock n roll. I think Jeanie might be more of an authority being Korean and female, but hey, I never decline the opportunity to give an opinion. We have about 6 more shows in April then the tour in late May with the Hissyfits. BOO YAH!

3/26/01- We had two really great rock shows over the weekend. Friday we played at the Charleston in Williamsburg. Due to an oversight on my part, a group of underage girls from Hastings-on-Hudson were turned away from the show. Thank god for the pizza nook adjacent to the club. At least they could hear the show, even if they couldn't rock up at the front. They presented the band with a very funny music video they made of "Chapped & Cracked." The Proms van broke down on the way to our house last night so they were late. Before they arrived, 3 or the 4 Shyguys were kind enough to take the stage and sing a few. The Proms, a little sleepy and confused from the NYC subway system, proceeded to rock the joint vigorously. Then DBA played. We liked the Charleston. It seemed to me what playing the Souse House would be like if the basement had higher ceilings. It just felt like a relaxed place to rock. The Hissyfits were really on. They even brought me up for guest vocals on "In my Dreams" and a cover of "Just What I Needed" by the cars. We're getting really excited about the tour with them coming up in May! We have to thank Thunderbolt for not only rocking the box, but for also setting up the show with the Hissyfits and by proxy the Proms and DBA.

Saturday, MC Chris moved from the Souse House to Atlanta, GA. Thanks to the Proms for helping him move! He is pursuing a job working on a forthcoming Cartoon Network show called "Sealab." He should be releasing a Short-Run cd on Mutant Pop sometime soon. He will be missed.

Sunday, we played Meow Mix with our gal-pals Dirty Mary. They rocked. ROCKED I say! I was a little sleepy before we hit the stage but with the opening chords of "R U Ready 2 Dance" I got the energy up. A bit into the set, Adam, Jeanie and I all got distracted by the oscars. Julia Roberts won for best actress as I ended "Grape Crush." She deserved it.

Our next show on Tuesday, April 3 at Brownies is 16+. Dig it!

3/19/01- Thanks to our friends the Hissyfits, we now have a booking agent! She's booking a tour for us and the Hissyfits from May 24 - June 1. It's going to be a tour of the South and we're really excited. The Hissyfits will go for another week and a half and are hitting the west coast. At least now if we wanted to hit the west coast, we have someone who can book us for it. New York shows will still be booked by the band.

We played a very fun show last Sunday at Meow Mix. Unfortunately, our set got cut short and I had problems with the speaker input on my bass rig. It was still fun though. We're looking forward to playing there again this Sunday with Dirty Mary. We're also looking forward to rocking the Charleston for the first time this coming Friday with the Proms (our buddies from Columbus,OH) the Hissyfits and Thunderbolt.

3/7/01 - We have many 7 inch projects in the works.

Enoch has the cdr and most of the artwork for a 7" on his Knock Knock Records label. It's tentatively titled "The Shogun Warrior EP." Either that or "Night of the Living Rock & Roll Creation." It's got Shogun Warrior, Happy Happy Birthday, Go Go Go, & Night of the Living Rock & Roll Creation. We expect it to be in our hands in late April/early May, depending on when the rest of the artwork gets in.

Another 7" is going to be released on Breakup Records, possibly around the same time. We're not sure of the title just yet, possibly either "Cecilia First" or "Superscope." The song list is: Roomates, Cecilia First, Simple with Attitude & Argument. it's a hot release.

We recorded basic tracks yesterday for YET ANOTHER 7" project yesterday. It looks like it's going to be a double split 7" with The Kung Fu Monkeys. To be released on Whoah Oh records, the record is going to be called "The Wedding EP." It will have each band doing something old (a new version of an old song), something new (a new song), something borrowed (a cover from the other band's repetoire), and something blue will be the 7" itself. It will hopefully coincide with the marriage of 2 friends who are very close to both DBA & KFM.

We have a TON of shows coming up in March & April. Very especially important is the show Tuesday, April 3rd, at Brownies in Manhattan. At any rate, You should all be getting updates now via email. If you are not, please sign the mailing list either at our shows or online!

2/7/01- DBA went to Sellersville, PA about 2 hours from our house to play a show. Our car broke down 1.2 miles from the VFW hall we were supposed to play at. We walked there in the freezing cold. Thank god our friends from Wormbath were there. We played the show using their equipment, and then we stayed at their house about 40 minutes away. Wormbath played a really fun set and the kids loved 'em. We played a very cold set and a lot of people left. The shitstank6000, the dba vehicle was (is) very screwed up. Jeanie and Mike went back to the city with Myke Kershner from Wormbath on Sunday. Adam and I stayed with Pat and dealt with the shitstank. It wasn't pretty. First we needed a new radiator. That took 2 days and a snow storm. Now it looks like we need a new gasket. Whatever that is. Myke Kershner's parents drove Adam & I + the equipment back to Jersey City. They are saints. So, the Shitstank 6000 is still in PA. It's been an exciting 4 days.

1/31/01 - We had a really great show on Friday night (1/26)at Luna Lounge. We got to the club and there was a sign on the door that said "Private Party." At first we were freaking out and wondering who had screwed up. Then we walked in and found out that it was only going to 8:30. There was some food out and the hosts told us to help ourselves. We did. Mmmm, that roast beef was delicious! Maybe stuff that's free just seems better. The show was rockin'! The room looked pretty packed from onstage. Then Cherubino brought on their rock. I think they were pretty pumped from our shoutout to them during "Go Go Go." They rocked.

We're releasing something in the next month or so with our pal Mark Enoch on Knock-knock records. Four songs: Night of the Living Rock n Roll Creation, Happy Birthday Enoch, Roomates & Go Go Go. I'll keep ya posted right here...

The material for the She's Gone Release (tentatively titled either "The Shogun Warrior EP" or "Cecilia First") is so close to being done it's KILLING ME!!!

1/18/00 - It's been a busy week. On Thursday, Jan. 11, we played to a small but enthusiastic group of friends and fans at Maxwell's with our good buddies The Proteens and our new friends from Miami, The Crumbs. Everyone came back to our house afterwards and we partied our butts off. The bands stayed at the Souse House until Sunday. On Saturday, Jan. 13, we played a show set up by our good buddy, and band in-law, Joey Erg in Oldbridge, NJ. It was fun being on a bill with all those sloppy core and hard core bands. Johnny Hotdog and the Condiments were unparalleled in slop, raucousness and humour. Stick Figure Suicide were tight as hell. I played tambourine with Mohawk Barbie, who were the first band I've seen that had a Theremin player. Yidcore were from Australia. Sunday, Jan. 14 the Crumbs and the Proteens managed to get us a last minute gig at the Middle East, a rock club in Boston. I'd been wanting to play there for a long time as I have many fond memories of playing there with my ska band in High School. The show ruled. Jeanie and I both had some family in the crowd, and Jay and Adam from the Grand Prixx were there. The kids were great. The headliner, Drexel, were really tight and good. I can't wait to play with those guys again.

We drove back home from Boston that night and got home at 5:30 am.

We're still working on that material for the She's Gone Records ep. We're VERY CLOSE. We laid down some vocals this evening for a song going on a Sucker Punch Records comp with the Teen Idols, the Gammits the Plus Ones and some other pretty big bands in the pop-punk scene.

11/28/00 - The show at Luna Lounge on 11/21/00 kicked butt. Thanks to everyone who came. Dirt Bike Mike, my brother Peter and a guy named Costa all had birthdays on 11/22, and by the time DBA sang "Happy Birthday" a couple of times. There was only one cake and that was for DB Mike who turned 20. Yay! It's a little belated, but I wanted to point out that Adam celebrated a birthday when we played with the Murder City Devils at Maxwell's on October 30. Worth bringing up because it was a great show. MCD kicked out the jams and we did our best to look like the cast from Rocky Horror. I don't think anyone got it until we played "Time Warp."

We don't have any shows planned in December, so we're going to take this opportunity to record some new stuff. We intend to lay down basic tracks to at least 7 new songs on the weekend of December 16th. I for one am looking forward to it.

11/14/00 - The Dirt Bike Annie/ Proteens - Furburger 2000 tour RULED. Another turning point for DBA: this is the first time we've gone on tour more than once in a year. It was just the four members of Dirt Bike Annie in the Ford Explorer (aka, "Shitstank 6000") this time around which made for a more cheerful DBA. The Proteens were an absolute joy to tour with. They rocked out every show, were amusing, and knew how to party after the shows. Huge thanks to Chris Imperfekt for booking this tour. DBA as a unit was way more relaxed because of it. Besides that, the shows were really great. There were a couple of double show days this tour. Warren and Pittsburgh both rocked, even though we missed Pat Dull and the Media Whores, and Pittsburgh with the Parasites was frigid but a good rock show nonetheless. We played 2 shows in Muncie, IN thanks to the Retreads. There probably would have been a few more people at both Muncie shows had there not been severe downpouring and Tornado warnings that night. Todd of the Proteens made up for the lack of audience at the second Muncie show by donning a pair of Dirt Bike Fannie panties and shakin' his groove thing. Columbus, OH on election night was a highlight. After a day of thrift shopping with our friend Suzy, we played to a VERY energetic crowd that night. There were audience members rolling around the stage and at the end of Go Go Go, DBA was tackled to the ground by members of the Proms. DBA had to be untangled before we could get to our 2 song encore. It's very strange to be back home almost a week later and still not know who the next president will be. A huge shoutout to the kids in 6W (Matt, Bryan, Hammer, Jordan et al.) at Michigan State who we partied with after a really fun rock show at a very cool record shop called the Lower Level in East Lansing, MI. Thanks to Faith for putting us on the bill at her house party last moment in Cincinatti. All in all, many fond memories from this tour.

Up next for DBA: a couple of NY area shows, one at Sarah Lawrence College with our good friends Attention Deficit and Cherubino, and at Luna Lounge in Manhattan the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Hopefully we'll be getting down to the business of recording new material after Thanksgiving.

10/20/00 - What has Dirt Bike Annie been up to you ask? I'm sure you know because, let's face it, no one goes to the News section to find out what's going on with the band because they know I rarely update it. But I digress. DBA went on tour for 20 days in late August. We had an entourage with us including The Proms, The Ergs, and a fine young fellow named Mark Enoch. At one point we also had members of The Shy Guys following as well. At that point there were 16 people in the whole group. Most of the time it was 13. Let me tell you, it makes a difference when someone in your band owns a car. For the first time ever, DBA made some money on tour. Not enough to even cover one month of rent at the Souse House, but it was a nonetheless a turning point for the band. Speaking of car troubles, Enoch got a flat, as did the Proms. Indeed, the Proms had to bail on the last 4 days of the tour because of car troubles and lack of finances. That ended up being fine because 2 of the shows scheduled got canceled. Mutant Pop Fest rocked the hardest, with Louisville, Columbus and Boston all being well attended, much enjoyed shows as well. Every show on tour rocked in some way or other. Even Lafayette, IN on a Monday night with no microphones and stands ended up being a fine rockshow. My mom came to the show in Boston as did my girlfriend, her parents, her parents friends, my best friend and his father and girlfriend, and Joe's mother and brother. I thanked everyone in the audience and their mother for coming. My mom laughed. So that is my impression of the summer tour 2000.

Baltimore, Maryland was one of the shows canceled this tour. The guy who booked it, Chris Imperfect of Imperfect records felt so bad that he asked us if we wanted to go with the Proteens for 10 days the first week of November. We accepted his generous offer. DBA has never done more than 2 weeks for a tour in a given year. Another turning point has been reached! This time the entourage will have 7 people. DBA ( minus Joe Orlowski, Jeanie's husband) and the Proteens.

You all probably know about the Maxwell's show Monday, October 30. We're also having a party at the Souse House Friday, November 3. It's going to be the kick off show for the tour with Cherubino and Dirty Mary

We finished recording material for a split with The Grandprixx. The prixx are fast, funny, furious and from my homestate of Massachusetts. They say "wicked" alot in everyday conversation. One day we will release the Kickball ep. We had basic tracks for 4 songs done but we decided to do all 7 songs at the same time. Adam's engineering skills have improved in leaps and bounds since we recorded the original session, so this decision is for the best. Of course, we need to come up with 3 new songs before we can do anything! I'm sure once Adam leaves his job he'll write enough material for the ep, other splits, and a new full length in no time. Fun fact: a good portion of "Hit the Rock" was written while Adam was out temping sporadically and living with Pauline and her mom in a one bedroom apartment in Clinton, formerly known as Hell's Kitchen, in Manhattan.

7/24/00- Saturday night we played a really cool show that Mark Enoch set up for us in Brookhaven, Long Island. It was sponsored by the town of Brookhaven and their youth board. We performed under the awning of a snack stand right on the beach. There was a pretty big draw that night too, mostly for 48 in the Basement and the Backup Plan who both rocked the place with their melodic hardcore stylings. There were a couple of scary moments. The first was when we found out we hadn't been scheduled to play and a lady named Marguerite from the Youth Board yelled at the guys in 48 in the Basement for not setting the show up right. Later in the evening, she made out a $10 check for a copy of "Hit the Rock." The second scary moment was when I broke 2 strings on my new bass in the middle of "Voices in my head telling me to do bad things." Fortunately, Jeff (bass player of the Backup Plan) was on the case. I finished the set with his Fender Jazz bass. Thanks Jeff! DBA plans to take the time from now until August 16 to record some songs and prepare for the big rock n' roll tour. Up at bat for the recording will be material for a split with the Grand Prixx and 4 cover songs for a tour-only DBA cover ep. We may hammer out a couple of more time allowing. The "Night of the Living Rock n Roll Creation" cd ep will hopefully be available before tour on Teenage Dollhouse records.

7/16/00 - On Friday, July 14, we played a short set at a VFW hall in Norwood, NJ. Due to an oversized bill, and the night having to end at 11pm instead of 2 am due to pressure from the cops, the Shy Guys, The Grand Prixx, The Kung Fu Monkeys, and DBA had to cut setlists to 3 songs per band. The bands responded well to the pressure and all delivered energetic performances. Especially impressive were the Kung Fu Monkeys as a two piece. Special thanks to James for the swell idea that the final 4 bands share the remaining hour and do 3 songs each. Thanks to Lisa for being the merch girl. A special thanks to all those who drove far and waited hours to see us play 4 songs.

6/11/00 - Last Friday DBA played one of the best shows we've ever had. It was at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ with the Groovie Ghoulies and the Ergs. Wow. The sound was amazing, the crowd was pumped, and the Ghoulies were kick-ass and really nice. A DJ from WFMU was at the show and since then DBA has apparently been getting some regular airplay over there. Our next confirmed show is on Wednesday, August 16 at CBGB's with Ruth's Hat, the Proteens and the Peabody's. It's a little pre-Mutant Pop fest, MP fest!

5/26/00 - I'd like to thank everyone who came to me and Enoch's birthday bash at the Souse House on Friday, April 28th. A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to those who contributed towards the new Musicman Stingray bass guitar for me. I feel very lucky to have such great friends and to be in a band with such a great bunch of people! Thanks also to the other bands that rocked that night: Attention Deficit, The Ergs, MC Chris and his All Star Digital Orchestra, Drive-On, and the Kung Fu Monkeys. For the KFM, it was their last NY area appearance for a while with their drummer Mike Falloon. We wish him and his wife the best of luck in their new home in North Carolina! Adam taped the sets onto the 8-track and sent a DAT to Tim this week. Tim will be releasing the tape of the DBA set as a live short-run cd, sometime in the coming months. It sounds really great. There was a lot of love in the room that night, we weren't drunk and the new bass sounds awesome. Thanks to everyone who came to the Nightingale's show on May 20th! The sound wasn't so hot, and there wasn't much space, but all the bands rocked out: The Henry the 8th's, The Grandprixx, Tuuli and the Kowalskis were all great that night. It was the first time we'd headlined a show at a NY venue. Thanks to everyone for staying up late and participating in the rock! Our next show is at Maxwell's opening for Buck and the Groovie Ghoulies on Friday, June 2nd. Need I say more? Adam also sent a cd-r of material for our next project: a four song 7"/ 6 song c.d. e.p. for the Louisville label "Teenage Dollhouse" run by our good friend Stan Doll. It will be called "Night of the Living Rock n Roll Creation." It features the song of the same name plus a mix of new and old material. We still have more writing to do for the Kickball release. Three more songs to go and then we're going to start from scratch to record them.

4/25/00 - Spring is in the air! Yee-haw! I destroyed the old refrigerator in the backyard, and Adam planted grass over the weekend. That means the entire backyard is primed for Souse House Summer parties! We've got one coming up Friday, April 28th to celebrate the birthdays of myself (DB Dan- Tuesday, May 2; I'll be 24) and our webmaster, Mark Enoch who turned 21 on April 17. I already got my first gift: my girlfriend Lisa gave me a "Built by Wendy" guitar strap for the bass. It's gold and has pictures of Hank Williams. VERY COOL! DBA is making progress on new material. We've got 6 more songs to conquer on the computer and then another 6 to finish writing. Adam has been very diligently working on new material in his room and I can't wait to hear what he's going to bring to the table. One song, "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things" is out the door and is going to be on a horror compilation featuring the likes of Darlington, the Hungtingtons, Attention Deficit, The Connie Dungs... all the double oh pop-punk all stars. Oh hey, watch out for the new DBA411 in your mailboxes soon! Our editor, MC Chris, is on the case!

3/22/00 - Thanks to all those peoples coming out for the St. Patty's Day rock n roll party at the Souse House. I think we might be having another shindig on Saturday, May 6. Mike Yannich, or Dirt Bike Mike is quite the man on drums. His sober, solidness was nice counterpoint to our drunken zaniness during the second set. He's also a super swell guy, so say hello to him when you see him at a show. I forget if I've updated here since our March 9th show at the Continental, but I think it's information worth repeating: the show ROCKED. I was exhausted by the end of the Huntingtons set, but the rock kept going with Darlington (and much of the crowd cavorting onstage) and then the Heartdrops. That was Mike's first DBA show and he was totally great! We're getting ready to start recording some new material this weekend, just as the Proms are at Pontiac's studio to record them. Hopefully, Eddie Prom will be around enough to turn out a couple of ditties for a Proms/DBA split. All that remains to be done is write a song or 2 and record them. NO PROBLEM!

3/2/2000 - The new print copy of the DBA 411 should be out the door and in your hands sometime next week. There's some pretty funny stuff in there. There's also a little something about the day after St. Patty's Day party we're throwing on March 18th. Bands scheduled to play include: The Shyguys, Dirt Bike Annie, International Waters, Attention Deficit (tentative), Punch Buggy Blue... you know, I can't remember all the bands, but I think there are about 8 bands going on. DBA is going to kick off the night at 8 pm, so if you want to see us play, get there early! Thanks to all the kids that came out for the show in Hatboro, PA. Wormbath was so good, I now wear their button on my leather jacket. I don't think DBA was punk enough for the Hatboro crowd, though there were a couple kids who seemed to enjoy it. Namely Enoch and Mike from Wormbath. We played Barnard College on Feb. 25th. The room was pretty bad, and I wasn't in the best form, but I think people were entertained regardless. My mom met my new girlfriend, Lisa. They got along just fine. The highlight for me was singing "In my Dreams" with the Hissyfits. Up next for shows: March 9 at the Continental. THIS SHOW IS GOING TO KICK BUTT, so go if you can. We go on at 8pm sharp. There may be something in April at Barnard, and something in May at Arlene's grocery. We'll see how it all goes.

1/31/00- How about that? Month one of the year 2000 already down! For those of you who came to the "Prom", thanks! Everyone seemed to have a really great time. The new rythm section was pounding! A round of applause to Mr. Buzby for a successful first gig. Next up, Hatboro PA, Feb. 12. After that, Barnard College Friday, Feb. 25. Details to that show forthcoming. Adam recorded a cover of "Sweet Child of Mine." This is the first full band song to be recorded on the new system. That means drums! Bass! Vocals! Guitars! Wow! It sounds great! Interested in recording at "Saddletramp Studio 2000?" Email Adam and he'll try and work out something. His rates are reasonable and the work is quality. 1/18/99 - Thanks to everyone who came to our Millennium shindig! As I was keen to point out in my drunkeness several times, NO ONE died! In fact, the party ended up being pretty mellow. Special thanks to John Buzby for letting us use his car to get the kegs, to myself for returning the kegs, to The Flatliners and The Proteens for ROCKING very hard and to Hallie Bullet for the kiss at midnight! There is talk about doing another party on St. Patty's day which falls on Friday, March 17 this year. We will either do that, or try to set up an NYC club show for our good friends the Lynnwoods and Leftout from Louisville, KY. If you missed these guys at our record release party this summer, YOU MUST CHECK THEM OUT! DBA is getting geared up for some cool shows in the spring, an ep which we're aiming to release in late spring, and a tentative split 7" followed by a tentative summer tour with fellow Mutant Poppers, THE CONNIE DUNGS!

12/22/99- We are going to be burying a time capsule at the millennium party. If you would like to bring 1 small item to include in it please do so.

12/9/99- First off: there have been bands interested in being on the bill of the Millennium extravaganza. No one (outside of DBA and the Bravo Project) is confirmed until they show up and play. At any rate, unconfirmed acts are: The Proteens, The Flatliners, and Punch Buggy Blue. All fine young men and true. In other news: on the weekend of Dec 4th Adam and myself got together and soundproofed the basement at the Souse House. Well, "sound reduced" more like. It reminds me of a Moroccan tent, but Punk Rock. Those who will be coming to the Millennium shindig will be relieved to learn that they need not be concerned with bumping their heads on pipes as the ceiling is now covered in eggcrate. 11/30/99- Though it was more than a month and a half ago, Dirt Bike Annie would like to take this opportunity for everyone who made the Columbus Mutant Pop Fest a reality. Speaking for myself, it was the most amazing experience performing I've ever had. I think we all felt part of something special and important on that night. Special thanks go out to Eddie, Ruths Hat, the Hissyfits (Especially for giving me a ride to and from the show, and being all around swell ladies), The Proms, The Connie Dungs, Nate Schmoe, and Timbo. In other news, Dirt Bike Annie and Deano have parted ways. It was an amicable breakup and we sincerely wish him all the best. So, we are on the search for a drummer. If you're interested, PLEASE CONTACT US! Also, Dirt Bike Annie will be hosting a Millennium party at the Souse House. DBA and the Bravo Project are the only confirmed acts for the night. Contact for directions. If you are in a band and would be interested in playing, let us know ASAP!

9/17/99- Adam and I scored a new place in Jersey City, NJ. We will be performing there for sure on the Millennium in the basement. Also appearing will be MC Chris & the Lee Majors (featuring members of DBA). Write to the PO box or email us if you're interested in attending. We're also trying to get some other bands to perform. Like the Kung Fu Monkeys. The apartment is totally awesome! Check the Shows Section as a couple of dates have been added.

8/30/99- The bad news is that our 1999 "Last Tour of the Millenium" has come to an end. The good news is that the shows, the bands, the people we met the drunken debauchery filled nights were amazing. We are already looking forward to doing something next summer. Who knows what can happen in a year. Anyhow, we're getting ready for our "Return to New York" show at CBGB's on Wednesday, September 8 at 8pm. Also we are working very closely with Eddie from the proms to make sure we get together the Mutant Pop "ROctober" show in Columbus, OH. If we get the line-up we're looking for, it should be a show of shows. We'll keep y'all posted right here.

8/9/99- Please check the Upcoming Shows section of the webpage for recent changes that have been made to the tour itinerary. We're getting very excited. Woo-hoo! Thanks to those of you who came out for our little 4 song video taping at Funkadelic, in NYC. It was a good time and the footage looks pretty darned OK if you ask me!

7/26/99- The show in Wayne, NJ went off w/out a hitch. Thanks again to Corey, Jimmy and Paul for putting it together, and to the bands who loaned us equipment: Paper Cut Thin, Blue Channel & Class Dismissed. The tour is rapidly approaching. Make sure to check out the Upcoming Shows part of the webpage for dates and locations! Hey, we've got over 10,000 hits on the counter! Keep on coming back for more!

7/15/99- In the face of great adversity, i.e. Coney Island High closing, the DBA record release party was a grand success! We are forever in debt to Countdown studios for letting us book the show there. Our next show is going to be on Sat. July 24 in Wayne, NJ. The details are still a little muddy, but I'll be sure to keep y'all posted. The dates for the tour are starting to come together. Those dates will be posted in the Upcoming Shows section forthcoming. Anyone who wants to see me act, can check out the production of Julius Caeser at the American Theater of Actors at 234 W. 54th st. It is outside, runs Wednesdays - Saturdays until July 31, and costs $10. I have the most famous line of the play - "Beware the Ides of March!" Very exciting!

6/11/99- We got our allotted copies of Hit the Rock today. All 200. Make sure and order your copy before they run out! Or wait until Tim gets back from his cross-country trip. Yesterday the guestbook hit 9000. Woo-hoo! It'll be no time at all before we hit 10,000! The first few dates for the tour are starting to shape up. We'll post that all on the new Upcoming Shows section once we get them confirmed. We still could use whatever help you can give us in making sure all those last 2 weeks in August are filled, filled, FILLED!

6/8/99- THE FOLLOWING WERE TAKEN FROM THE DBA411 GUESTBOOK: For those of you who were wondering...Yes, the Dirt Bike 411 DOES still exist. In fact, we'd like to make the next issue READER PRODUCED. So email us( your stories, reviews, pictures, recipes, etc. and we'll print 'em! It would be great if you could send them ASAP (by June 21st-ish). The sooner you send them the sooner you'll have the next issue of the 411!!

Date: 10:16:50, June 07 - from Jeanie OK Everybody. Now is your chance to get Dirt Bike Annie to come to your town to play a rock show. We are going on tour the last 2 weeks in August, so if you know of any good basements/clubs/VFWs/ pool parties, etc. EMAIL me now and we'll set up a show. We need YOUR help to make this tour happen. Thanks.

Date: 09:02:46, June 02 - from Adam Hello. Big apologies to Corey, as Dirt Bike Annie will not be able to play the show on the 28th of June. Day jobs and transportation are to blame! Some DBA shows that are well in the works are: June 19th at the Vital Music space. (32 Union Square East, room 406, call 212-777-5021 for info) You'll be able (God willing) to pick up the NEW DBA CD at the Vital show!! Saturday, July 10th will be the DBA Hit The ROCK CD RELEASE PARTY!! at Coney island High (with many special guests!) also, contrary to what the village voice says, we are NOT playing Coney Island High on Saturday, April 22nd. I guess there was some kind of mis-print. Thanks, we'll see you at the show!

5/23/99- The Sea Monkeys lost their drummer, so the show on June 11 @ Continental has been cancelled. We hope they find a replacement soon, 'cuz they rock the box. We're playing on Sunday at C.I.H. Check it out! Upcoming Shows: Sunday, May 30 @ Coney Island High (Upstairs) w/ Killer Kowalski, Scratch Kid, Drop

Zone & The Trakes

Saturday, June 19 @ Vital Music in Union Square w/ Kung Fu Monkeys

Record Release! Saturday, July 10 @ Coney Island High w/ Kung Fu Monkeys & Leftout

5/17/99 - I love how I put all kinds of personal info. about the band in this News page, once I get around to actually updating it. Like, "Jeanie's married" and "Dan hasn't had a date in over 5 months..." The site has surpassed 8,000 hits. More of those people should be signing our fabulous guest thing. The CD is now in Tim Chandler's hands and is now available for pre-ordering. We are just about as excited as children the night before Christmas for it to finally come out. It's 14 songs, has a 20 page booklet and is called Hit the Rock! We recorded on 24 tracks, to 2 inch tape at "Loho Studio" in Soho, NYC by Victor Luke. Joe loves it so much, he plays it at work all day. If that's not a stamp of approval, I don't know what is! We played a really fun show a few weeks ago at Penn State College w/ a great band called The Proteens. They will be releasing a 7" on Mutant Pop this summer that's destined to become a classic. The song "Drunk in the Morning" is sure to become a hit! Upcoming Gigs: Friday, June 11 @ The Continental in NYC w/ the Sea Monkeys

Saturday, June 19 @ Vital Music in Union Square w/ Kung Fu Monkeys

Record Release! Saturday, July 10 @ Coney Island High w/ Kung Fu Monkeys & Leftout

11/16/98- Jeanie got married on Nov. 7, 1998. She's keeping her name. Jean Lee. Her husband is Joe Orlowski. He's a good man. Maybe not "the best man", but that would be a weird thing to do. HA HA! Adam moved to Hoboken. We're practically neighbors. CD in effect people. The material is shaping up very well. It's just a matter of REHEARSING IT! We'll get it together: Fear Not. We are now at over 3,000 hits on the ol' web-a-roo. Expect a Dirt Bike Annie comeback live show sometime in the next couple of months.

9/30/98- Adam bought a car so he doesn't have enough money to go to Europe. It's a '64 Chevy Corvair. Crazy. So we're working on the new c.d. (tentatively titled Hit the Rock). As a matter of fact Adam, Dino, and I are rehearsing today so Adam and I can show Dino the new stuff... which is pretty much the whole album. We may also be playing a house warming party at my new apartment in FABULOUS JERSEY CITY NEW JERSEY. If you live in the area just email me for the info on how to get to the place. It's absurdly easy to get to. The party is this Saturday, so I'm positive no one will read this before then. Still, there's always that chance... The guestbook got erased. I deleted it by accident. I'll see what I can do about getting it running again. I'm rather upset about the whole thing. We've almost reached 3000 hits for the webpage. RA RA RA!

8/24/98- The date has been set for Jeanie and Joe- Nov. 7. Somewhere in Philly. Adam, MC Chris and I will be Jeanie's best men. She's also going to have a maid of honor. Went to Philly. Chilled at Adam's house. It was nice. I added a text only version of the page to the main menu. Those of you w/ unix accounts or slow computers will appreciate this. Though the pics page is pretty pointless w/o images. Things are pretty slow around here. We're all getting ready to move out of our current apartment. :( To those who knew 88 Christopher St in it's heyday, it will be greatly missed. I guess some people have recieved their DBA membership stuff. Feel free to email us your snailmail address, download an image of yourself and we will make you a DBA member. 8/11/98- JEANIE'S GETTING MARRIED TO JOE!!! They haven't set a date. Email us if you want to know more... Needless to say I'm going to have to edit her bio. I finally got all the pictures from the July 22 Coney Island High show up. Make sure to check it out at DBA Pics.

The new side project Dirt Bike Sandy will most likely feature the future husband and wife on guitar and bass, and myself on drums. Ah...must I always be the third wheel?

8/3/98- Greetings all! I've updated the DBA Pics so make sure to check em out They were taken at the July 22 Coney Island High show. Also we had to drop the show with Got Milf? in Jersey as we are trying to save our energies for rehearsing material for the cd. We're working hard to bring you the best rock music we can. Also there may be a chance that two of the horn players from King Chango, the NYC latin- ska band, may contribute some of their musical mastery on the cd. I'll keep you up to date as best I can.

7/27/98- Wow it has been too long people! The biggest news first: after we complete the cd for Mutant Pop Adam will be going to Europe for a while. I sorta think of it like a solo project. We all wish him the best of luck. In the meantime DB Jeanie and I will continue in the spirit with a side project called "Dirt Bike Sandy" watch out for us in the coming months. Thanks to everyone who came to the shows at Wayne NJ and Coney Island High respectively. The shows rocked. There may be a gig somewhere in NJ on either August 15 or the 16 with Got Milf?, The Nobodys, The Connie Dungs and a few others. I'll do my best to keep you posted via this frickin' news page. It didn't work out with that other drummer so Dino's going to be doing our cd with Mutant Pop. Watch out for it probably sometime in late 98' or early 99'.

5/6/98- I added a new guestbook. Feel free to sign it! Thanks to those who came and saw me act in The Millenium Lounge it was great fun. Hopefully we'll be putting it up again soon somewhere in the city. DBA auditioned it's first drummer after Dino. His name is Joe. Very talented. He's played in the NYC hardcore scene since the late 80's.We're going to play with him again soon and hopefully it will all work out. We'll keep you posted on that. Jeanie, Adam and I were working on the new ep at the rehearsal space last night when the 8- track decided to crap out on us. We've got options, but it will probably delay the release of the ep. It's tentatively titled the "Are You Ready For the Summer" ep and features, Jeanie's Song, Johnie Heartbreak, a revamped Marcia Brady's Trying to Kill Me, and of course our cover of the Meatball's theme, Are You Ready For the Summer. Stay tuned! I turned 22 years old on May 2. Happy Birthday to me! I'm graduating from NYU on the 14th... it's all too much! Feel free to send graduation gifts to our PO Box address.

4/14/98- A very important update: The gigs on the April 21 and May 2 have both been canceled.

4/8/98- Well, I think I've finished just about everything here for the initial setup. If you see any problems or have suggestions to improve the page, let me know!

4/7/98- Hi everyone! This is Dirt Bike Danny. The reason I started this page was for my computer class. Hopefully I will get an A! I was going to put all the original 411's on here originally, but there isn't enough space in my account. This also accounts for the minimal amount of sound files. Consider the rumor confirmed. Deano is leaving the band. The tour was tough on the guy. We appreciate all that he's done for us in the past year. It is unlikely that we'll find someone quite as talented as he is. He is still going to play gigs with us, but only in the city. He will also most likely be recording on the cd for us. Adam and Jeanie are in overtime writing new material. What they've got so far is pretty hot. We've got two gigs coming up: April 21 at The Bitter End. It's free for NYU Students! Part of graduation festivities. May 2 around 10:30 at CBGB's with our good friends the Kung Fu Monkeys. DBA always seems to play gigs on my birthday. Make sure to bring a cool gift! Also come see me act in a play! It's called the Millenium Lounge and is being performed April 26- May 3. Call 228-6000 ext. 363 for reservations and address.