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Exopolitics Toronto
Office of the Director of Media Relations
Toronto - Vancouver – Washington D.C.
Media Release

Toronto Ontario – July 12, 2008 On Larry King Live last night radar expert Glen Schulze and Robert Powell, MUFON Director of Research released their findings concerning UFOs in the Stephenville Texas area in January 2008. The 77 page report is replete with data received from the FAA, National Weather Service, nearby military bases and other official sources.

Among the expert analysis of the data received by the investigators from official sources, charts and radar data clearly show the track of an unidentified non-military craft with no transponder beacon vectoring towards Crawford Texas, the location of the Bush Ranch – also known as the Western White House.
What does the report include?
- Data from the FAA
- Witness summary reports
- Over two dozen graphs and charts depicting craft movements and locations
- FOIA requests by the authors
- Responses by FOIA officials
- Denials by military officials of any existing information
- Blacked out US Air Force pilot flightlogs from 457th NASJRB Ft. Worth Tx.
- FTW Antenna Chart showing Skin-Paint Returns from 2.8 million data returns
- The unusual admission by military officials that they were "unaware of any activity in the area" while complex FAA radar configurations picked up massive data of unidentified craft,
…and much more for the interested reader.
The significance of this report and its implication is nothing less than astounding – as it verifies the existence of craft of unknown origin operating in controlled air space without the knowledge of the America military. Furthermore, it is implicit and thus evident by the response of military officials that they were helpless or at least lacked any significant management of the entire series of events during the period of the air activity.
Therefore this radar report clarifies four important issues:

  1. It supports the eye-witness testimony of many Stephenville residents who saw what has now been proven to have actually occurred.
  2. The report addresses and dispels on-going critique by critics that no available, substantive or scientific data indicating anything of interest concerning the reality of UFOs exists.
  3. The radar report clearly demonstrates that there are in fact unknown craft with superior flight capabilities far beyond known technology operating and moving at will within controlled air space, thus demonstrating that it appears our most sophisticated craft and military monitoring devices are ineffective in dealing with the phenomenon.
  4. Only two possibilities now remain. These craft are either highly sophisticated secret human technology or they are craft from off-world origins. In either case – each possibility is an enigma and the skeptics and military are running short of explanations.
This entire series of events and the depth of the report raise another serious and as yet unanswered question: "Considering the proximity of the craft to controlled air space near the Bush property, is there any access to information that NORAD or other missile launch control centres were placed on alert during this period?"
Exopolitics Toronto will be following this situation very closely.
The entire radar report can be downloaded at:
To review assessments of this report:
Contact Information in Canada:
Victor Viggiani B.A. M.Ed. Director of Media Relations
Exopolitics Toronto

Telephone 905-278-1238
Exopolitics Toronto
Director – Michael J. Bird
Distributed by: ZlandCommunications

News Service



Radar study supports witnesses in Stephenville
Posted 7-11-2008
By ANGELIA JOINER - Stephenville Lights Reporter

A radar study recently released supports eight witness reports of an unidentified object in Stephenville, Texas, and the surrounding area on January 8, 2008.

Robert Powell, MUFON national research director, and Glen Schulze, retired radar analyst, have labored hundreds of hours analyzing 2.8 million bits of Freedom of Information Act requested raw radar data from five FAA towers between the hours of 4 - 8 p.m. surrounding the Dublin/Stephenville, Texas area.

Dozens of Erath County residents reported seeing an object or lights in the sky at separate locations and the story quickly made national and international news.

The study may make even the most hardnosed skeptic scratch his head.

For the entire story, go to slnews_article010.html.

For all the news, go to reports.


Exopolitics Toronto
Office of the Director of Media Relations
Toronto - Vancouver – Washington D.C.
Media Release

Toronto Ontario – July 11, 2008 A reminder to watch Larry King Live tonight as he presents more news about the Stephenville Lights (February 2008). Tune in to Larry King Live tonight Friday July 11 at 9:00 ET/6:00 PT on CNN.

Exopolitics Toronto encourages all Canadians and international viewers in receipt of this media release to consider sending in a question to Larry King’s guests tonight.
Mr. King will interview Angelia Joiner about the Stephenville Lights investigation results as well as History Channel UFO Hunters.
It is essential that the ground breaking efforts of CNN through Mr. King’s work be recognized internationally as a clear signal as to how his Disclosure efforts are an essential stage in the developmental progression that will soon compel other mainstream media to engage the UFO matter.
An onslaught of international interest to CNN’s "ask a question" site will be demonstrative.
Exopolitics Toronto is certain LARRY KING LIVE will continue to address the UFO matter – your active interest in his work will guarantee this.
- What are the energy implications of the UFO issue for the planet?
- How can government whistleblowers be encouraged by CNN to appear on LKL to state their case?
- Can you explain why UFOs are an international matter of concern not simply an American phenomenon?
- Has the military been given an opportunity to unequivocally state on national television there is no government evidence about UFOs?
- Why is Mr. King and CNN covering UFOs so often? More than just news appeal?
- If there is no government or military interest in the UFO matter, I’d like to know why there is so much secrecy surrounding documents and access to these documents and why former military officers are threatened not to talk about their knowledge and experience with UFOs.
- Are there current members of Congress or the Senate who are willing to step forward on LARRY KING LIVE to demand Congressional Hearings on the UFO cover-up? Who might they be?
- Would you please talk about why there might be a risk that intelligence agencies may destroy important archived evidential documents about UFOs and government involvement?
- I have heard that there is evidence indicating that military factions under the direction of senior government officials are planning a false flag operation to create fear among the public about UFO craft or an extraterrestrial presence. Is this true?
Larry King is handing this issue over to the people – it is up to citizens to support and extend his efforts.
Pose your own question or one of the suggested questions above now, so producers can assess and traffic them before the program begins.
Ask Larry’ King’s guests at:

Larry King Live
Stephenville Lights ___________________________
Contact Information in Canada:
Victor Viggiani B.A. M.Ed. Director of Media Relations
Exopolitics Toronto

Telephone 905-278-1238
Exopolitics Toronto
Director – Michael J. Bird
Distributed by: ZlandCommunications

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Stephenville MUFON report lacks detail
Posted 6-12-2008
By ANGELIA JOINER - Stephenville Lights Reporter

The world waited for Mutual UFO Network's (MUFON) official report on the Stephenville unidentified flying objects.

And waited. And waited.

That was cool. That meant a lot of work was going on and State Director Ken Cherry and Chief Investigator Steve Hudgeons were pouring through hundreds of eyewitness accounts, plotting on maps, coordinating radar data, and organizing field investigators.

Finally, the report was forthcoming in the May edition of the MUFON Journal. Eagerly, those of the UFO community as well as those not so familiar began scouring the document and Googling for news articles.

For what?

For the entire story, go to slnews_article009.html.

For all the news, go to reports.


Exopolitics Toronto
Media Release
Angelia Joiner and The Stephenville Lights – and Alfred Webre - Wednesday June 4 - on the Richard Syrett Show

Toronto, ON, Canada June 2, 2008 – Angelia Joiner former staff writer for the Stephenville Empire Tribune will join host Richard Syrett and co-host Victor Viggiani this Wednesday June 4 on News Talk 1010 CFRB AM Toronto from 11:00 pm to midnight EST to discuss the Stephenville Lights UFO phenomenon.

Angelia uncovered what is today considered by many one of the most puzzling UFO events in North American history. Her eye witness interviews include pilots, police officers and local citizens, each of whom attest to having seen massive, solid rectangular unidentified craft hundreds of metres in length – moving silently 270 metres above them.

Angelia Joiner tells her story about how a small town in Texas in January of 2008 became a world focal point as their newspaper – The Stephenville Empire Tribune – first covered the story, creating international repercussions, and then shortly thereafter ceasing all coverage. Ms. Joiner’s less than ceremonious departure from the Stephenville Empire Tribune portrays how, and possibly why mainstream journalists are pressured to play-down UFO events of high significance.

Rivaled only by the stunning Phoenix Lights of 1997 as brought to us by Dr. Lynne Kitei in an earlier interview on the Richard Syrett Show, the Stephenville Lights phenomenon enters the litany of UFO sightings receiving a “no comment” from our government and military officials.

Journalists world-wide are invited to call-in to speak with Ms. Joiner.

Other coverage of this event:

At midnight EST Richard and Victor will speak with Alfred Webre about the United Nations Decade of Contact Petition. The petition seeks 10,000 names to present to the UN a viable agenda of disclosure.

Currently at over 6700 names, the petition supports the disclosure of ET contact issues, public funding of ET research and a ban on weaponry in space.

While interviewing Alfred Webre – guests may call-in and speak with him and, all listeners are encouraged to go to the site to add their names to this historic appeal.

To review the petition go to:

All of this on News Talk 1010 CFRB Toronto AM radio.

Listen Live on the net at:

To speak with Richard, Victor and their guests call: Toll Free 1.800.561.CFRB – Local 416.872.1010 – or - Cell *TALK



Angelia Joiner's Interview with Robert Emenegger
at the 2008 X-Conference

Special Correspondent
The Jerry Pippin Show

Angelia - I'm here with Robert Emenegger and actually we're still in the ballroom. We just finished a marathon speakers panel, didn't we Bob?

Bob - It was horrendous.

Angelia - It was at least two hours and we did get some interesting questions but we're glad that's over, right?

Bob - Yes, it's all behind us for now.

Angelia - I first met Bob at the Ozark Conference last week and we've already become great friends and we're having so much fun that we really haven't talked that much about the whole UFO phenomena, right?

Bob - That's true.

Angelia - Okay, so tell me how you got involved in this.

Bob - Well, I don't know how much you want to know about it, but I was the creative director of Gray Advertising in Southern California, the Los Angeles office, and during the Nixon re-election period I was asked to be consultant to Nixon's campaign, and I met with him. We had a couple of meetings and decided that Nixon should stay low in television except emphasize his trip to China.

Angelia - Right.

Bob - So I had a friend who had a film studio at the same time, and we did a couple of films that were to help the Department of Defense. One was on a program to help young men determine whether they had an alcohol or drug problem, believe it or not, and I had Rod Sterling as the host of that.

Angelia - Wow!

Bob - Then we worked on the show for the shuttle, reporting on the shuttle and making people realize how little it cost to keep the shuttles going. The next thing - we both decided - let's try and give the Department of Defense sort of an image lift. So we went out to Norton Air Force Base because my partner had had some dealings - I had been stationed in North Korea in much earlier years, much earlier anyway. So we met with them and then we started discussing how the public would feel. You know to get an idea of the positive side. I suggested, why don't we pull up the Merrimac of the Navy (something indistinguishable) They were doing raster research. ARPA was an Advanced Research Project Agency so they took us to Maryland where we met with for instance a scientist who (indistinguishable) thinking into a computer and the computer was picking up, I think they said, about seven or eight of his words just by an attachment to his brain. He was trying to figure out how that was possible.

Angelia - Well, this is amazing.


For the entire transcript of the interview, go here.

Posted 4-27-2008


Press Conference after X-Conference 2008
at the National Press Club

For more info, go here.

Posted 4-26-2008


Angelia Joiner's Interview with Dr. Lynne Kitei
at the 2008 X-Conference

Special Correspondent
The Jerry Pippin Show

Angelia - I'm here with Dr. Lynne Kitei at The X-Conference, and this woman has an amazing story. She has an amazing movie out, she's already had an amazing book, and it's been great to meet her and visit with her. Now Lynne, what brings you to this conference?

Lynne - Actually, we're so proud. This has been a labor of love and also a work in progress for the last ...for me, it's been eleven years ...but for the documentary, it's been for the last four years. We just signed with a wonderful distributor, Vanguard Cinema, to get it out internationally. It's time. It wasn't really ready before. We've added new sightings, new interviews, new data, and now it is just such a joy to be able to share. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell is in it ..he's well as a 911 police operator who has come forward recently, to say that not only did they get hundreds of calls... but she really confirmed what thousands of other witnesses have shared that they saw during the Mass Sighting. For anybody who doesn't know what the Mass Sighting was, it was March 13th, 1997, while thousands of people were outside looking purposely at the sky at the Hale-Bopp Comet, a mile to two-mile wide triangular formation of lights appeared above them. Some people saw lights that "seemed to be" attached to something; other people saw a craft; some people saw a boomerang shape; others saw an arrowhead shape. The bottom line, maybe we will never know if it was a parade of different objects throughout the state from as early as 5 PM to 2 in the morning or if it was one object because most people saw it at a very low altitude, going about 30 mph - some people did see it take off at a tremendous speed. Incredible technology, to be sure. But across the board, it was totally, totally silent. A spectacular sighting that not only has become historic in the annals of ufology and certainly unexplained mass sightings but to this day, still unexplained. That cannot be denied.

For the entire transcript of the interview, go here.

Posted 4-25-2008


Arizona man claims UFO hoax

An area man who does not wish to be identified claims that he was behind the mysterious phenomenon.

He told KTVK-TV that after the sun went down Monday night, he tied road flares to four large helium-filled balloons using fishing line. Then he released the balloons one-by-one, at one-minute intervals.

For the entire story, go here.

Posted 4-24-2008


Mystery lights reported over Phoenix
By KTAR Newsroom

People are looking for an explanation for mysterious red lights that appeared in the north Phoenix sky Monday night, reminiscent of a similar event 11 years ago.

Dozens of listeners called News/Talk 92-3 KTAR just after 8 p.m. reporting they were watching the four mystery lights.

"From my position, it looked like they were just hanging, not moving at all," said one man, who called 92-3's "Gaydos After Dark". He said he "absolutely" saw something.

A woman caller said, "It looked like four red tower lights, but it was pretty high up in the air. I called my husband and he said, 'Get home, what's wrong with you?'"

A man in north Phoenix told CBS-5: "They were about 3,000 feet high, approximately. They looked as though they were kind of hovering or floating from west to east, very slowly. They were up there for 15 or 20 minutes."

For the entire story, and a definition of "Sky Lanterns"
(not swamp gas), go here.
Posted 4-22-2008


UFO Crash in North Texas 1891
By Mark Murphy and Noe Torres

When dozens of people in Erath County, Texas spotted a half mile-long UFO in the skies above them in January 2008, a couple of area residents turned to local history books for clues about what happened. Located 80 miles southwest of Fort Worth, the neighboring towns of Stephenville and Dublin lie in the very midst of what has been, historically, a hotbed for UFO activity. In fact, it has recently come to light that 56 years before the famous Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash of 1947, the tiny town of Dublin was the site of a Roswell-like event, involving an aerial explosion of a UFO, followed by the discovery of strange debris containing mysterious, undecipherable writing.

Saturday, June 13, 1891, was a quiet summer day in Dublin, which had a population of just over 2,000 people. One of town's major industries, the Wasson & Miller flour mill and cotton gin, had already wound down operations for the week. As evening came, a number of local residents were outdoors near the gin, walking and otherwise enjoying the leisurely summer weekend. Among the persons in the vicinity, the Dublin newspaper later reported, was an unnamed "gentleman" who witnessed an event like few others in the history of human affairs.

The unidentified man, described by the newspaper as a generally trustworthy witness, observed a bright, oblong-shaped object hovering about 300 feet in the sky above the gin. Although referred to as a "meteor", the UFO's strange behavior suggested that it was something entirely different. Struggling to describe the strange object in the terminology of an era before air travel, the witness stated that it looked like "a bale of cotton suspended in the air after having been saturated in kerosene oil and ignited, except that it created a much brighter light, almost dazzling those who perceived it." While the general appearance was like a cotton bale, the observer gave no indication of the dimensions or overall size of the object. Apparently, he was so frightened by the UFO that he hastily withdrew from the scene before making any sort of guess at the object's dimensions.

Especially striking about this account is the extreme intensity of light that emanated from the UFO. A kerosene-sparked flame would certainly not be bright enough to be said to "dazzle" viewers who stood several hundred feet away. This object, hovering in the sky above Dublin, exhibited a "much brighter light" than a conventional fire. The intense light may have been a sign that the air vehicle was in some kind of distress. Perhaps a fire had broken out on board the craft or something had caused it to overheat and build toward an explosion.

The observer noted that the dazzling object remained in the sky for an unspecified length of time and then, with a tremendously loud sound like that of a bombshell, the UFO suddenly exploded, violently hurtling metallic fragments of a most unusual character to the ground below and burning to a crisp all the surrounding grass and vegetation. The sound of the explosion was so loud that "nearly everyone in that portion of the city" heard it, according to the newspaper.

For the entire story, go here.
Posted 4-16-2008


Live WebCam near Stephenville Airport
Posted 4-16-2008


OMEFT meets Sorrells
Posted 4-7-2008
By ANGELIA JOINER - Stephenville Lights Reporter

Ricky gives his account to members The Open Minds Expeditionary Field Team (OMEFT) came from near and far to converge on Ricky Sorrells' property near Dublin, Texas, in hopes of encountering the object that he claims frequently visits his place and the surrounding area in Erath County.

The team formed more than a month ago after receiving an invitation from Sorrells. And, finally, the plan came to fruition and the members have been sky watching throughout the area since April 4, 2008.

Sorrells is hoping someone can get a glimpse of what he has seen several times and has never been able to identify. He's hoping someone will go on the record with him because the one friend with him when a sighting occurred is not willing to do so.

"I just want someone else to see what I've seen," Sorrells said. "That's why I invited the people from the Open Minds Forum to come down. I hope we can get lucky and they can see it, too."

Sorrells first made news when Angela K. Brown of the Associated Press interviewed him at his heavily wooded property on January 14, 2008. Within a few hours, Sorrells unexpectedly found himself on news channels everywhere.

For the entire story, go here.

For all the news, go to reports.


OMEFT deploys to Stephenville, TX on historic first mission
By annunaki

This is an historic day in the field of UFO investigation for an aspiring group of online forum members. It may also prove important as well for the UFO resarch world. They are known as OMEFT... Open Minds Expeditionary Field Team.

For the entire story, go here.

For some pics of the team, Angelia, Steve Allen, Mike Odom, and Ricky Sorrells, at Ricky's and Mike Odom's places, during some of the preparations and downtime (hey, everybody has to eat), please click here for some of Angelia's pics, or here for some of one of the OMEFT members pics.
A video interview with Angelia and Ricky by the OMEFT team, at work in the field, is just below.
Posted 4-6-2008 - Updated 4-7-2008




Texas officer tracked Stephenville UFO's speed with police radar gun
By Steve Hammons
American Chronicle

On Jan. 8, 2008, a Stephenville, Texas, area law enforcement officer on patrol used his police radar system for tracking speeders to measure the speed of a huge unidentified object in the sky.

"I had to swivel my radar head up into the sky. And I knew I got a good hit on it. It showed 27 miles per hour and was accelerating slowly."

This element of the observation of a UFO by several peace officers and dozens of citizens was reported March 30 on by journalist and radio station news director Angelia Joiner.

Joiner previously reported that more than one officer captured images of an unidentified object in the sky on the videocameras mounted on patrol car dashboards.

In this new account by an officer who requested to remain anonymous because of his professional duties and responsibilities, Joiner reports that, "He said he was unable to position his dash cam in a way that video footage could be taken, but he did manage to lock it in on radar."

For the entire story, go here.
Posted 4-2-2008


Three Erath County lawmen observe 'one big craft'
Posted 3-30-2008
By ANGELIA JOINER - Stephenville Lights Reporter

Note: Recently, a computer composite by a law enforcement officer in Erath County was posted on this site. The sighting was on January 8, 2008, between 7:30 and 8 p.m. The officer does not wish to be identified for reasons you will find further down in the story. For writing purposes the officer will be identified as Officer X.

Officer X is one more witness in an intriguing story now known around the world as 'The Stephenville Lights.' Some are saying the Stephenville event is the most significant UFO sighting since 'The Phoenix Lights' more than a decade ago.

The difference?

These officers didn't see just lights - they saw a craft. A craft they cannot explain or identify - something that looked like it was under intelligent control - something that maneuvered in a way that they had never seen.

"I want people to know that the citizens are telling the truth," Officer X said. "They're not lying. They are telling the truth. There was something there. I think it's stealthy. It has a stealth capability. I think it can change colors with the sky. It was as dark as the sky until it lit up."

None of these officers were together at the time of the sighting and collectively they believe the object was visible for about thirty minutes. Officer X was on duty in a patrol car, while another officer had just finished his shift and was on his way home, and still another was off duty at his residence.

Officer X was traveling on the Stephenville South Loop, at the intersection of Lillian Street, when something in the sky caught his attention as he was looking north in the direction of the Erath County Courthouse. He said the night was clear and there was hardly any wind.

"My estimate is the object was about a half mile away at the most," Officer X said. "At first, I thought it was a big aircraft, but then I realized it was hovering. I then thought, 'An aircraft that size doesn't hover.' It was so big it would have fallen from the sky just hovering like that. It stretched from the courthouse almost to Jake and Dorothy's Café, or about two blocks. The diagram I did shows 400 feet, but looking back, I think it was larger, maybe between 500 and 600 feet."

Officer X said the craft turned.

For the entire story, go here.

For all the news, go to reports.


Erath County Law Enforcement Officers compile drawings
Posted 3-25-2008 - Updated 3-30-2008
By ANGELIA JOINER - Stephenville Lights Reporter

Note: The following composite and narrative came to this reporter through Erath County Constable Lee Roy Gaitan.

An area law enforcement officer, not wishing to be identified at this time, writes the account in his own words. The sighting date was January 8, 2008, and the time was between 7:30 and 7:45 p.m. according to Constable Gaitan.

No other information is available at this time.

LEO Drawing #1 LEO Drawing #2 LEO Drawing #3 LEO Drawing #4
Click a thumbnail for viewing options

"This is what I and several other officers saw. I did not see the back, only the frontal view. The two large lights were bright like landing lights, but solid light blue in color similar to LED. The wing tip lights remained steady. The top and bottom tower lights strobed sporadically. It had three towers on the bottom and two on top. It was bigger than a B1 Bomber. It lumbered around town then headed off towards Mineral Wells. It did not leave fast like some are saying. It left slowly. I saw it make a turn. It turned slightly at a 30 degree angle and stayed there for a moment with no movement. It then went to 90 degrees, added a large light in the middle, and moved off at 27 mph and accelerating. I had to go to a call at this time. On the way, I could see it leaving in the distance. It was about 500 ft off the ground. The colors above are the actual color. This drawing is a compilation of all the law enforcement that saw the craft."


Letter from Stephenville
The Searcher
Are UFOs invading Texas? Ken Cherry's looking into it.
By Skip Hollandsworth
Texas Monthly

On the afternoon of January 9, Ken Cherry, the 61-year-old owner of a prosperous Tarrant County securities firm, was sitting in his home office, studying various stock market reports flitting across his computer screen, when line two rang. Line one is devoted to customers and brokers. Line two is the UFO phone.

Cherry is the Texas state director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the country's oldest and largest UFO investigation group. He supervises a staff of 41 certified MUFON investigators in the state. These men and women spend their free time interviewing people who have written in to the MUFON Web site or called one of its numbers claiming to have seen a UFO. In an average month, the Texas chapter of MUFON receives between fifteen and twenty such reports. Most of them sound like what Cherry heard on January 9: A woman outside Stephenville, seventy miles southwest of Fort Worth, said she and her teenage son had seen some flashing lights in the sky the previous evening. Cherry asked a few questions and hung up. Since the woman had described seeing the lights for only a few seconds, he didn't figure this would be anything other than a typical sighting.

Then line two rang again. A Stephenville man was calling to say that he had seen something strange the night before: a single bright light hovering over the treetops near his home. Curious, Cherry logged in to the MUFON Web site, where he saw several reports waiting for him, all from residents of the Stephenville area who had seen strange lights on the night of January 8. The next day, Cherry read a front-page story in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune about four more area residents who had seen something in the sky on January 8. One of them was Steve Allen, the president and owner of a trucking company in the nearby town of Glen Rose. Allen also happens to be a licensed pilot, comfortable with judging aircraft and flight patterns from the ground, and what he described nearly took Cherry's breath away: flashing lights covering a distance of a mile in length and half a mile in width at an altitude of about 3,500 feet. The lights, Allen said, were "totally silent" and had been racing around the sky at about 3,000 miles per hour until they suddenly turned into "burning flames . . . white in color." Within seconds, the flames had disappeared and there was nothing left to see. But approximately ten minutes later, the lights reappeared, this time traveling to the east. Allen added, "Two military jets, possibly F-16's, were in pursuit."

Cherry walked out of his office and down the hall to find his wife, who's the operations manager for his securities business and answers line two when he's not there. "Dear," he said, "we might be on to something big."

The Stephenville Event, as some have called it, has quickly become one of the most publicized UFO sightings in a decade. The story showed up in newspapers as far away as China. CNN's Larry King devoted two shows to what it all meant. "Do you believe alien beings are out there?" King teased, staring intently at the camera, forehead glistening. "Do you believe they've come to Earth?"

For the entire story, go here.
Posted 3-22-2008


FULL David Caron video LEAKED - Stephenville

Stephenville resident David Coran's videotape of UFO symbols made it's way onto the Internet on March 5, 2008. The video briefly appeared on YouTube and was then removed but not before it made its way to other Web sites.

At the time of filming, Coran lived near Clark Field, the local airport. It is not clear as to the date of filming due to Coran filming on two consecutive nights, which were January 19 and 20, 2008.

Angelia Joiner interviewed Coran and his story appeared in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune. Click Here


Stephenville UFO is viewed by former protector of
Texas Governors

Filed 2-28-2008 - Updated 3-1-2008 9am CST
By ANGELIA JOINER - Stephenville Lights Reporter

Mike Zimmerman, 62, retired from the Texas Department of Public Safety after 25 years but not before he was on Protective Detail for five Texas Governors.

Zimmerman was assigned to protect Governors Briscoe, Clements, White, Richards and Bush for a period spanning 19 years.

"Clements was governor twice," he said.

To date, Zimmerman may be the most credible witness to come forward to report what Erath County residents have been coming forward in droves to report since January 8 -- another unidentified flying object.

He said it was 6:05 a.m. on January 31 when he awoke from a peaceful slumber for a Mother Nature call. As he was returning to bed, something caught his eye through the bedroom window of his home located just past the city limits on U.S. Highway 281 South in Stephenville, Texas.

"I saw three bright lights," Zimmerman said. "Two white lights were grouped closer together and higher and the third one was closer to the horizon. That one was a was a reddish orange color."

Zimmerman shared a sketch and notes he had jotted down.

But, there is more to this story...

For the entire story, go here.

For all the news, go to reports.


Tune in to Larry King Live Sunday Night, July 13th at 9:00 ET/6:00 PT on CNN, for a rerun of the Friday night show.

Larry is revisiting the Stephenville, Texas UFO case. Witnesses for the first time speak out! Plus, his guests include three of the History Channel's UFO Hunters!

For more information, see the Media Release down and to the left.

Angelia Joiner was a guest speaker at
the Paradigm Research Group!'s Conference in Washington, DC held on April 18,19, and 20.
She did interviews during this time on the Jerry Pippin Show (,
as his correspondent in DC.
Click here to listen!


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