Don't be afraid

I woke up

Several notes:

I woke up this morning with a cold. dammit. so when i got off work, i figured that i would try my best to beat the crap out of it. extra strength cold medicine, extra menthol-y cough drops, space-age tissues, and lots of jones juice (limes w/ orange flavor). no appreciable effect yet.

I also bought pistachios. i'm a big fan of pistachios. but about every tenth nut tastes as though it was roasted with a rotten lemon. i don't get it.

I'm officially in another lazy rut. in addition to the aforementioned laundry, i also now have two cds (braid's frame and canvas and nick cave and the bad seeds' never more shall we part) that are overdue at the u. city public library. for now, i will skip the inevitable conversation about the weird feeling i get every time i realize i got a braid album out of a public library and just focus on the fact that i'm adding another two dollars to my list of money woes--and all because i can't drag my sorry butt down the street to return them.

I've been a little curious as to the square footage of my apartment. it's a weird thought, i know, but i've always kind of wondered. i wonder if the landlord would think twice about allowing me and dave to live here if i called and asked him. then again, i'd have some sort of "he-only-kicked-us-out-because-i'm-neurotic" lawsuit if that happened.

off to watch the rest of gilmore girls (first time watching...nice hurlyburly-like pace of dialogue). then, since i've missed two episodes of 24, frasier and scrubs (possibly guest starring a guy i met just once!). yippee-freakin'-do.