Don't be afraid

Day four of this cold

day four of this cold (day three's post was pre-empted by dave's attempts to conquer the earth on my computer). the damned thing just won't go away.

a week or so ago i downloaded an mp3 of jonah's onelinedrawing joining the deftones on a rendition of sade's "no ordinary love." i mention that only because i'm listening to it now (actually, it's now "goodbye", by silver scooter), and it's very nice.

confession number fifteen: i think the deftones are actually pretty good. hearing the aforementioned onelinedrawing cover "be quiet and drive" a couple of years ago in concert is a concert highlight of mine to this day.

anyway, liz mentions first notice from the outside world on this blog (that i'm aware of). i'm still not quite sure how she knew, though...probably the counter. so say hi to liz, and thank her for the request that people give me tissues.

the quest for that perfect typewriter picture still eludes me. as a result, the main site of lovelettertypewriter is still kinda funny-looking. feel free to visit, but please forgive the dust.

send me encouragement to finish the damn site, too. i mean, if you feel like it.

if i have to explain the differences between the xbox, the gamecube, and the ps2 any more, i'm going to pierce my voicebox with a pencil. good night.