Don't be afraid

I always loved peanuts

i really don't have anything to say at this point. i just figured it would be good to start posting on a more regular basis. but after spending the past several hours trying to get a handle on flash--no progress to report yet, i am a bit drained. and work starts in eight hours.

i was intrigued by a kind of computer virus mentioned to me earlier today at work. a young woman told me about a virus her boss had that, no matter what the user typed on the keyboard, it would spell out "i'm a whore" on the screen. i don't know where these people get their ideas.

at the bank today, i noticed that all female employees of said bank (that i could see in the lobby, obviously) were wearing approximately knee-length skirts with knee-length boots with clunky heels. dress code, or weird coincidence that forces me to question my eyes? i'm guessing the latter. those kinds of things happen to me a lot

in honor of a charlie

in honor of a charlie brown christmas (showing right now on abc), i now present to you my top five favorite peanuts characters:

linus van pelt





i always loved peanuts. not the funniest cartoon, but a necessity for any kid. show me someone who never saw a charlie brown cartoon, and i'll show you one messed-up person.

the longer i own this computer, the more stuff i find to take up large amounts of my time on it. you start with the wonderment of actually having a working computer--you change the display settings, move some folders around...make your new house your home, so to speak. then you move on to the new-found internet--after being separated from its expanse for so long, there is just so much to catch up on. then there are the games--games you stared at while at work for so long, games you pretended to know about, games you didn't necessarily even want to play...but now that you can, you must. then there are the other applications (mentioned in the last post)--a new world of web design that you know nothing about, but somehow manage to convince yourself is possible to master in 30 days. and then, finally, you enter that time when all of the above come crashing down, and all you want to do is sit in front of the computer and do, well, stuff. productivity is not required. "doing stuff" is.

i suppose the upside to all of this is that i am just not bored much any more. that, and i don't have to spend much money at this point...entertainment is a glowing crt. obviously, though, the downside is that i am slowly turning into a hermit. who needs conversation when you have fifty thousand webzines to sift through?

i picked up a course listings for next semester at forest park. Maybe this time I'll actually get off my duff and sign up for a couple of classes. i miss the confines of education.

so i called in sick

so i called in sick to work yesterday. i will leave it at that, to prevent any repercussions--just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. i was told that i might have to show a doctor's note saying i was indeed sick. there's a simple reason why i can't do that...two, in fact. first, it was saturday, and it's difficult to find a doctor who's in the office on a saturday. and second, well, as sad as this sounds, i can't afford to go to the doctor. yes, i have health insurance. it's amazing that i can't even afford to pay a co-pay at this point.

i believe that i'm actually going to do laundry this evening, assuming i get moving sometime soon. i just got sucked in by all the different computer applications i'm going to need to buy soon. here's a list (for my benefit, not necessarily yours):

flash v.5.0 (i have a trial version, but that ends in 30 days)

dreamweaver v.4.0 (just because...perhaps my days of coding html by hand are almost over)

coldfusion studio v.5.0 (i don't even know what coldfusion is, but i assume that i need to know it)

photoshop v.6.0 (a staple for me)

golive v.5.0 (same reason as for dreamweaver)

and that's not even going into stuff to learn xml, sql, asp, jsp, and all that other junk about which i know absolutely nothing. so hey, if anyone wants to get me expensive christmas gifts...just see above.

i don't even know why it is that i've been sucked in by web design stuff again. at least when i did this before, things were simple. javascript, java applets (which i never really saw a reason for), a bit of css, and plain ol' html. it was easy then. now, just to fulfill a strange little hobby, i'm prepared to spend probably thousands of dollars for the software for it (assuming i ever get a spare thousand dollars, which is unlikely).

the last thing i need at this point is more crap to spend money on.