Don't be afraid

So i finally came out

so i finally came out and admitted my deepest, darkest secret to my family on thanksgiving. it felt good, it felt good and cathartic, i feel, that i should admit it to the depths of the internet. so, with a deep breath, here goes:

i have an irrational love for martha stewart living.

there, i said it. and i can't explain it (hence the "irrational" part above). dave actually commented on this, saying that it was odd that i don't cook anything even remotely complicated--and in fact make fun of him when he throws weird stuff like shallots into what he makes. in addition, i never do anything that could be described as "crafts-like", and our apartment is not only messy, but is not decorated very well at all (although i should say that the wall of small posters/promo pictures in the living room is tastefully done, and done the way that the guest on martha stewart about a year ago suggested). so yeah...dave thought it was strange that even though i live an anti-martha stewart life, i still love watching martha stewart.

but as i said, i can't explain it. to quote one out of every three jerry springer guests, it just happened. you see, in my neck of the woods, martha stewart living is on at 2:30 in the morning. while actually attending college (or working a job that didn't involve waking up in the morning), there was nothing preventing me from watching it every night, which i pretty much did (until we were stuck with a television that only got abc, pax, and mtv2). and i feel like i'm suffering from some sort of withdrawl at this point.

i lead a sad, sad existence. and dave agrees.

instead of actually doing what i intended to do today, i ended up spending an inordinate amount of time on the internet. it's been so long since i've been sucked in by the sheer amount of stuff out there. blogs from people i've never met, a few random tests (courtesy of fuali), approximately 700 pictures of typewriters (none of which are quite what i want) a little more work done on the ol' website, etc., etc. many hours, without any trips to insound or epitonic? i'm not sure what's coming over me.

so the laundry waits for another couple of days. radio show tomorrow (butterflies? huh?), work...and laundry.

my life is too boring to document like this.

nicole rocks my world. i miss talking to her all the time. but i still can't believe she bought cowboy boots...