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FULL David Caron video LEAKED - Stephenville

Stephenville resident David Coran’s videotape of UFO symbols made it’s way onto the Internet on March 5, 2008. The video briefly appeared on YouTube and was then removed but not before it made its way to other Web sites.

At the time of filming, Coran lived near Clark Field, the local airport. It is not clear as to the date of filming due to Coran filming on two consecutive nights, which were January 19 and 20.

Angelia Joiner interviewed Coran and his story appeared in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune. See below.

Strange symbols appear in Stephenville sky

Staff Writer – Empire-Tribune

David Caron, 19-year Stephenville resident, said it was his seven-year-old grandson, Jeremiah that first alerted him to “funny lightening in the sky.”

“That was on Friday evening Jan. 18,” Caron said. “I went out and saw the skies were clear, you know, he’s just a kid. I didn’t think that much about it.”

It wasn’t until the next night, Saturday, Jan. 19 that Caron realized exactly why his grandson made the comment and what he meant when he said, “Papa come look. There’s funny lightening in the sky.”

Shortly before 9 p.m., Caron said he saw something that caught his eye when looking in the direction of Selden or towards the southeast horizon.

“I knew it wasn’t a star,” Caron said. “I ran in the house to get the camcorder.” That night and the next is when Caron captured video that has now been shown on television news programs. He shot the video with a JVC 32X Optical Hyper Zoom camera that he purchased from a rent to own store a few months ago.


For the rest of the article, visit the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.

More videos coming soon!


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