Don't be afraid

A blur of peppermint tea

This day was nothing more than a blur of peppermint tea, tissues, strawberry cough drops (i'm still not sure about these--cherry, maybe lemon, and of course straight menthol, those make sense) and the stupidest customers ever. all right, that's not true, but as you can assume, when i'm sick i get extra cranky. hence my overreacting to two specific events today:

I almost got sent home today because of my hair. i shit you not. apparently, since my hair is a little, well, unwashed, and i wore my stocking cap this morning (since it's damn cold right now...about time), my hair got a little crazy. i was then told to fix it or go home. i still don't understand that...will hair reminscent of that nerd with the cowlick in every 80s movie somehow prevent mr. smith from buying his new crappy phone from me? if nothing else, i feel it gives me credibility as a computer expert.

the store manager wore a sweater vest today. now, i spend most days fighting the urge to hit this little man, but since i hate sweater vests with a passion (don't ask why, i can't explain it), it made that urge even stronger.

i don't even know why it is that i dwell on both of those insignificant events. i truly believe that it's the cold making me crabby.

i'm such a baby when i'm sick. i might just call in sick to work tomorrow--assuming i still feel like this--just to avoid dealing with anyone.

i'm tired. i'm going to bed.